'Parcels Post' tricycle by British Postal Museum & Archive on Flickr.

A black and white photographic lantern slide of a ‘Parcels Post’ tricycle. The tricycle has two further smaller wheels at the front for additional stability. Resting on the basket of the tricycle is a large trunk with a curved lid and a ‘VR’ cypher at one end. Above the cypher is a small sign which reads ‘THE CARRIER/ SINGER & CO/ LONDON & COVENTRY’. There is a camera on the seat of the tricycle. ‘Q22’ handwritten in black ink on a white circular label with a crimped edge in the top right corner. ‘The Royal Mail/ Parcel Post Tricycle’ handwritten in white ink above and below the image. ‘E.G. WOOD/ 1 & 2 Queen St./ Cheapside,/ London’ is printed in red on a white label in the bottom left corner.

Date: 20th Century

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